Alicante’s air-raid shelters - English guided tour

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Visit the Exhibition of the Spanish Civil War "Alicante ha caído, aquí termina la guerra" and two air-raid shelters
The city of Alicante suffered during Spanish Civil War (1936 – 1939) until
83 bombings in spite of being a city of rearguard. Its geographical location
and the outcome of the war made Alicante the last bastion of the
Republic’s government, where it suffered in its port and sad end for many
of the people who fled to exile.
Meet with us how the city is organized in this terrible circumstance and
especially what was the operation of an air raid shelter. The Séneca Air
Raid Shelter and  the Balmis Air Raid Shelter formed part of a network of
about 100 underground shelters located throughout the city of Alicante.
There are intended to introduce visitors to the historical and social context
that surrounded the construction and use of air raid shelters in Alicante
during the Spanish Civil War. Their architectural uniqueness and the
humanitarian function for which they were designed render these air raid
shelters a tangible testimony to pain’s recent history.  Freed from the
tragic context in which they were originally conceived and from
subsequent decades of silence, today they serve both as a homage to the
citizens who sought shelter and protection in them, and as subjects of
study and reflection for present and future generations.